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Leavesden Green JMI School and Nursery

Reading at Leavesden

"Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage."

Roald Dahl

Reading is a fundamental skill for both learning and life. At Leavesden Green, we value the power of reading as a tool to develop knowledge and open our imagination.  We strive to be a ‘Community of Readers’ which develops and shares a love of reading with all our learners. We value the complexity of the process of learning to read. This is reflected in our curriculum for reading as we appreciate the need to develop the necessary skills and behaviours which will ensure we create confident, competent readers with a strong love of reading.

 Reading Provision

 We provide a well-rounded experience of reading. Our reading provision includes the following experiences:

Daily Phonics (Reception to Year 2)


Reading Journals

Everyone Reads 

Book Based Reading Sessions (Reception to Year 1)


Independent Sustained Reading (Year 3-Year 6)

Class Reader


Whole Class Reading Sessions


Reading Assemblies

 This details our provision for Reading at Leavesden

Whole Class Reading 

We approach the teaching of reading through Whole Class Reading. Through these sessions learners experience a range of text extracts to develop their breadth of reading. 

This consists of 3 sessions explained below:

Session 1 - Text Familiarisation and Vocabulary Exploration

Reading a text extract together as class to develop ‘book talk’ and reading behaviours. This session prompts discussion around reading through exploring authors, genres and features of texts. This is also an opportunity to explore new vocabulary within the text and secure understanding of the text. 

Session 2 - Developing Fluency

Reading aloud is a fundamental skill which develops fluency and understanding for reading. This session involves reading aloud together as a class focusing on expression, volume and pace. Within this session learners reread texts through echo and choral reading.

Session 3 - Developing Comprehension Skills

Developing the ‘skills for reading’: retrieval, predict, compare, question, summarise and analyse. 

These sessions are based on our whole school skills progression. In these sessions we teach, practise and apply comprehension skills which help deepen our learners' understanding of the text.

A summary of our Whole Class Reading Approach#

Spaces to Read

The value we instill in reading is reflected in the spaces we create for reading. 

Libraries and Library Books

Both the Nook and Snug library offer a range of high quality books covering fiction and nonfiction. As well as offering comfortable and engaging spaces to read, the libraries also offer learners the opportunity to borrow books to read at home. We encourage all our learners to borrow books which they can share and enjoy with their families at home.