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Leavesden Green JMI School and Nursery

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Home/school links are vitally important to us and parents are welcome to visit us. If you wish to see the Head Teacher you are welcome to make an appointment via the school office, however your first point of contact is the Class Teacher.

The school office is open between the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm. Parents are able to make appointments to see teachers after school if there are matters that they wish to discuss. Parents are requested not to approach teachers in the morning as it will disrupt the start of the school day. If the matter is urgent please leave a message at the office.


The school does not administer all medications.  Please contact the office to discuss if a medication is part of our medical policy. You are welcome to come into school to give the medicine yourself at lunchtime if this is convenient for you, otherwise it will need to be taken before and after school.

Please do not give medication to your child to bring into school.

Asthma and Inhalers

The only exception to the above rule is if your child suffers from asthma. You will be required to give details of your child’s condition. Children should have their inhaler with them at all times as immediate access may be necessary. A spare inhaler (blue only) must be held in school labelled clearly with the child’s name and prescription details.  Please provide this on the first day of term. We are not in a position to supervise/administer the use of brown inhalers.


Parents of children diagnosed with allergies who require an Epi-Pen must ensure that two Epi-Pens are in school. (This is due to the size of the school site). Two plastic containers with lids should also be provided for the safe keeping of the Epi-Pens together with the medical particulars of the child. Staff training will be given at regular times.

Head Injuries

If a child sustains a bump on the head during the day we will notify you either by a phone call or a text message so that you are aware and can watch your child during the evening. You will also receive a bumped head letter and your child may wear a bumped head wristband.

Any signs of sickness, drowsiness or dizziness should be reported to your doctor immediately.

Contagious Diseases

In order to prevent the spread of disease, parents should keep children at home if they suspect they have a contagious disease. For all contagious diseases treatment should be sought immediately and the school informed.

Medical Appointments

If you wish to withdraw your child from school for any reason (e.g. for a hospital or dental appointment for your child only) you are asked to make the request in writing and the child must be collected by their parent or responsible adult at the appropriate time.

Appointments of this nature are expected to be kept to a minimum time out of school . Children are not authorised to leave school because a parent or sibling has an appointment.

 Pre-Loved Uniform

If you require uniform, please contact our Family Support Worker (vicky@leavesden.education) or the School Office (admin@leavesden.education) where we can assist you.

Foodbank Vouchers

We can also send Watford Foodbank vouchers to families in need. Please contact the Family Support Worker if you need Foodbank vouchers and include the number of people living in the household and their ages. Email this information to vicky@leavesden.education