Return to Our School

New Starters

We  are delighted that you have decided to join our school. This page will contain all the information and forms for starting life at Leavesden Green.

Unfortunately due to Covid -19 our process for new starters has been revised.

For parents  / carers who have children starting school this year for the first time we are disappointed that we are not able to complete our usual process. This would have included

  • a tour of the school with the Head Teacher
  • home visits with your new teacher


We have prepared these videos for you to prepare your child for starting with us

Head Teachers welcome – Mrs Lyon

Welcome to Early Years

Welcome to Reception

Meet Mrs Sakalas – (RB) River class Teacher

Meet Miss Dolling – (RA) Mountains class teacher

Welcome to Nursery

Meet Mrs Malone – (N) Explorers class teacher


Please familiarise yourself with our Policies –

Below are a number of documents for you to read concerning our school.

  • School Brochures
  • ASC / Breakfast Club leaflets

Consent Forms and Birth Certificate

Before your child attends our school we require you to  return the following consent forms and a copy of their birth certificate. We are open for you to drop the forms into the post box in the office.

  • Photo consent
  • Home Learning agreement
  • ICT consent
  • Consent to leave the school site
  • Code of conduct
  • FSM and Pupil Premium application
  • Early Years PP agreement (Nursery only)