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The Governing body at Leavesden Green supports the dedicated staff and leadership team to ensure that all our children are equipped with the skills to learn effectively.

We are immensely proud to be part of the Leavesden school community.  A community that is growing, reflective and welcoming environment dedicated to learning.  Our priority is to ensure that this environment not only flourishes, but is a safe place where all can achieve their full potential.

We are immensely proud of our learning curriculum, in which each and every child develops and practices the skills they need to become an effective learner.

The school emphasis on developing resilience in our children means they can keep going with their learning even when things get tough.  Equipping our children with the skills to have the courage to be brave, to try new things and every opportunity to use their creativity is key to development.  Their resilience is further developed with a focus on empathy to understand and develop their emotional intelligence whilst having a positive mindset towards learning and life.  These core values are at the centre of our school, we believe in them and they underpin every single school day in Leavesden.

Role of Governors

We Learn, We Grow, We Fly.

As a governing body we aim to support the leadership team and staff through both an active involvement in the daily school life and by working closely with the school’s Senior Leadership Team to:

  • Set the strategy (School plan) for the school which include challenging objectives and priorities for the school.
  • Agree policies and priorities for accomplishing these objectives.
  • Support our Leadership and staff in working towards this school plan
  • To challenge and look for evidence to ensure that these objectives are having the impact and desired outcome; and
  • To ensure our resources and time are spent in the most impactful way to support the continuous improvements the school is aiming to make.

Our actions will always be rooted in the best interests of the school both from a learning perspective but equally to safeguard our children in a changing and challenging world.  Where appropriate we will always be prepared to explain our decisions openly and honestly to staff, parents, carers, pupils, government, and anyone in the wider community with an interest in the conduct and standards of the school.

We are also here to support our school’s parents & carers, our community, and all connections to Leavesden Green. At the heart of a great school is the underlying ethos that all support together, we are here to live, breathe and support in this development.

How we work as Governors

 We have a wide range of skills across our governing body, ranging from HR, Financial, strategic and safeguarding.  We also have a mix of governors including parent and co-opted governors, with a varied length of experience as a governing body. It is important to us that we regularly review our governing board and recruit new governors based on the growth in school numbers and any skill gaps we may have.

As a governing board we meet up to three times a half term across a number of different meetings:

  • Business – held on annual basis to agree governor roles and responsibilities to best support the schools growth and improvement plans.
  • Achievement – review school plan, justification for priorities, and a focus around progress o and outcomes of our children. Where are we and what are we doing.
  • Finance & Policy – Regular review on budget, policy and Health and Safety updates. We hold the school to account on budgeting and spend and review the impact of how we are spending on children’s learning performance.
  • Curriculum – Sharing of the school deep dive into our priorities. Reviewing actions, improvements and impacts on the children’s learnings and outcomes.

Each governor is also aligned to key strategic areas. To meet with the leader in these areas and review in more detail the plans and impacts that are happening.  This could be fore example subject of learning i.e. Mathematics or a particular important strategic area like Safeguarding.  The governor will then report back in more detail to the governing body so that we all have a good understanding on how we are improving across the school.

The below table lists our governing body members and their attendance at meeting over the past couple of years. Please click on the link below to find out more information about their experience and thoughts.

Name Role Date Appointed Governor Type Relevant Interests Committees FGB Attendance
Laura Creed


  • SEND
  • Safeguarding
  • Maths
October 2012 LEA Governor
Stacy Morris


TBC TBC Co-opted governor
Julia Worth Health & Safety

Early Years

Equality and Diversity



January 2016 Co-opted
Ian Lowe Sports Premium



Dec 2020 Co-opted
Anish Patel Safeguarding Feb 2020 Co-opted
Martin Adams TBC September 2022 Co-opted
Abi Diggle TBC September 2022 Co-opted
Vacancy TBC TBC Parent Governor
Vacancy TBC TBC Parent Governor
Vacancy TBC TBC Co-opted
Vacancy TBC TBC Staff Governor
Governors stepped down
Graham Sleight July 2021
Nilay Patel N/A July 2022 Parent
Sharon McGowan   Stepped down Nov 21 Parent

Leavesden Green JMI. Governor Attendance Register 2019-20

Leavesden Green JMI. Governor Attendance Register 2020-21

The term of office is 4 years.  Governors term can be longer, which will need to be agreed by the governing body.

How To Become A Governor

At Leavesden Green we welcome the opportunity to have new governors joining our Governing Board.  We are actively recruiting!

If you are interested in becoming a governor, please read through our governor pages and email our school office at who will pass your enquiry onto our governing body to make contact with you.

For more information on the Herts for Learning please see the link below:

Becoming a School Governor