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About Us

Leavesden Green is a growing, challenging, reflective community of children and adults dedicated to learning.  It is our priority for Leavesden to be a safe and welcoming place to enable everyone to flourish and achieve.

In our school we are proud of our learning curriculum; explicitly practicing and developing the skills to be an effective learner.  Developing resilience to keep going when learning gets tough; being brave to try new things; developing empathy to understand how we and others feel; having the opportunity to think creatively; having a positive mindset to approach learning and life with determination; developing the skills to learn collaboratively and independently.

These learning words underpin everything we do at school and create Leavesden’s language of learning. Our learning words are in three groups:

  • Mindset
  • Thinking
  • Choices

and are a part of everything we think, say and do.