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Reading Journals

Reading Journals play an important role in reading at Leavesden Green as it offers a space for our learners to share and celebrate their reading. In this book they can share extracts from their reading e.g. recipes, fact files, maps and complete activities linked to their current reading. Each half term a ‘Bingo Sheet’ will be provided to help with ideas.

Example of Bingo Sheets:

Find a set of instructions and follow them

Take a photo or draw a picture of the different steps you followed.

Draw a picture of your favourite book character(s).

Can you ask people in your home to draw their favourite character too?

What print (words you can read) can you find in your home?

Take a photo or draw pictures of the things you find.

e.g. toothpaste, cereal box

Follow a recipe.

Take a photo or draw a picture of what you bake or cook!


Create a map of the different places you will go in a day. E.g. supermarket, Nanny’s house, park.

Follow up map throughout the day.


Draw a home for a character.

Where do you think they will live?

What might they have in their home?

Go for a walk and look out for signs. E.g. shop names, road signs and sign posts. Create your own task. Make a page about your favourite book.

Draw picture and ask an adult to write about why this is your favourite?

Reading Journals also offer communication between home and school through feedback stickers. These offer information about learners’ reading and next steps to support at home. These stickers also include a ‘comment from home’ so information can be shared with school.

KS2 Reading Pathway

This pathway offers a broad range of ‘real’ books structured to offer progress in reading. There is a balance between fiction and non fiction and learners will encounter a variety of genres and authors through the pathway.