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Curriculum Map

Science-Curriclum-Mapping.pdf (580 downloads)

A vision for science

“To engage pupils in scientific questioning and reasoning, developing their skills through challenging learning and investigations”

Science is good when:

  • Children are curious.
  • Children are challenged.
  • Children learn through questioning and exploration.
  • Scientific vocabulary is used and understood.
  • Children experience a range of skills when working scientifically.
  • Children can apply previous learning to new situations.
  • Children understand the relevance of science.

Types of science enquiry

  • A fair test
  • Observation over time
  • Using secondary sources (books, videos, Internet, etc)
  • Looking for a pattern
  • Identifying and classifying

What does it mean to work scientifically?

  • We ask questions
  • We perform tests and use equipment
  • We explain why a test is unfair
  • We observe and measure
  • We examine and explain results
  • We look for patterns, sort and group
  • We record information
  • We use resources to find answers