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Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Leavesden JMI School, a school for children from 3 to 11 years old with a long and successful history of personalised education for children. We pride ourselves on knowing the strengths and motivations of each individual child as well as the potential challenges they face and how best to overcome their barriers to learning. We are an ambitious and forward looking school which aims to make a real difference to all the children who come here.

Following an extensive building project, we now have the capacity to have two classes per year group. Previously being two schools which are now fully connected, we have the luxury of two halls and five playgrounds and a vast and spectacular field which facilitates many outdoor learning activities. In redesigning the school we have sought to create extra learning spaces as well as ensuring that many of our classrooms, offices and walkways have large windows to let in the natural light.

We consider our greatest strength to be the strong commitment of the staff and governors to provide a secure, caring and stimulating environment in which children will be encouraged and inspired to achieve their potential in all aspects of their academic, physical and social development. Our curriculum is designed to uncover the considerable talents and potential in the learners. We strive to deliver a curriculum which brings a sense of creative curiosity that will bring high levels of engagement and lead to deeper longer lasting learning. Our children have opportunities to reflect upon their contributions to our school and wider community, with an aim that we all have a positive impact on the world in which we live. As a consequence, children will learn to be empathetic, considerate and respectful members of society. We deliberately provide opportunities for the children to participate in activities that are new to them or that they might not be able to master immediately, in order for them to experience being brave, resilient and courageous learners which will lead to them being ambitious to succeed.

Leavesden is a learning community. Everyone in our school is expected to achieve, no matter what barriers they face. In our school, learning is for everyone. Our staff love learning and over the last five years, five teachers have studied and completed their Masters of Education. Mrs Shahar, our current Year 6 teacher, is now studying to complete hers in 2021. We also have two members of support staff studying at university to become teachers. Many of our parents have also attended courses and workshops at school to help them to understand how to support their children’s learning at home.

We work in partnership with parents and the local community to provide a wide range of services and support and have a thriving PTA who work hard to host a range of social and fund raising activities for children throughout the year.  We offer a wide range of extended services to children and their families; breakfast club, after-school clubs and parent classes. We provide a wide variety of opportunities for our pupils to exercise their talents and try their hands at new skills and interests. We also work closely with a wide range of professionals to support families.