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Super Learners

Each week we celebrate children’s learning characteristics. Every class nominates two children who have demonstrated learning of excellence with the use of these learning characteristics. During a special assembly, they are awarded a certificate and a book of their choice to keep! For the duration of the day they are invited to wear a wizard’s cloak in celebration.

This year’s super learners

31 January 2020

Star: Dillon, Oliver
Octopus: Casare, Adam, Jasmine, Chris
Bear: Lily-Rose, Annabelle
Puzzle: Archie, Isabella
Rocket: Dollie,Phoebe
Acorn: Amy, Keziah
Rainbow: Haider, Ayrton
Otter: Lilly, Olivia C
Discovery: Thu, Mille
Adventure: Alex, Riya

24 January 2020

Star: Hasnain, Naomi
Octopus: Halima, Courtney
Bear: Keria, David
Rocket: Hassan
Acorn: Harry W, Shadeah
Rainbow: Bailey, Hannah
Otter: Kishan
Discovery: River, Evie

17 January 2020

Star: Rosie May, Nikitha
Octopus: Carson, Reggie
Bear: Shana, Emily
Puzzle: Skye
Rocket: Amy
Acorn: Tida, Rafay
Rainbow: William, Ann
Otter: Olivia T, Briony
Discovery: Sudeep, Jenson
Adventure: Erin, Harry

10 January 2020

Star: Rosie May, Sam
Octopus: Joseph, Keya
Bear: Marco, Roman
Puzzle: Grace, Skye
Rocket: Jaiden, Scarlett
Acorn: Naimish, Kelo
Rainbow: Cooper, Tyler
Otter: Jacob. Moriah
Discovery: Carl, Sachin
Adventure: Hollie J, Evie May

25 October 2019

Bear: Annamaria , Jack
Puzzle: Amelia, Maya
Acorn: Asim Peplar, Suleman Sharf
Rainbow: Mihaela, Isla

11 October 2019

Bear: Annamaria , Jack
Puzzle: Risike, Ruby
Rocket: Rylie, Olivia
Acorn: Renee. Shadeah
Rainbow: Oscar, Hannah
Discovery: Kimran, Sanandini

4  October 2019

Bear: Annamaria , Jack
Puzzle: Amy, Evie
Acorn: Renee. Shadeah
Rainbow: Kyra, Umut
Discovery: Emily

27 September 2019

Octopus: Courtney, Adam
Bear: Henry, Paveen
Puzzle: Amelia, Simran
Rocket: Thomas, Gianna
Acorn: Keziah, Prisha
Rainbow: Josie, Alex
Otter: Timothy, Zachary
Discovery: Angelo, Siya

20 September 2019

Octopus: Adam, Brooke
Bear: Erin, Jess
Puzzle: Bobby, Oscar
Rocket: Grace, Prince
Acorn:Amy F, Swetha
Rainbow: Lottie, Jack
Otter: Maria, Aimee
Discovery: Elsie, Jeffrey