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Super Learners

Each week we celebrate children’s learning characteristics. Every class nominates two children who have demonstrated learning of excellence with the use of these learning characteristics. During a special assembly, they are awarded a certificate and a book of their choice to keep! For the duration of the day they are invited to wear a wizard’s cloak in celebration.

This year’s super learners

Vitual Super learners – Week Commencing 23 March

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Diamond George Ayden Abir Harriet Ella
Lego Diyana Aaron Jake Aivah
Discovery Sudeep Evie Emily Daniel Bentley
Adventure Evie Lincoln George Krish / Dilan
Otter Jacob Zachary Kishan Dennis Lilly
Rainbow Kenzie Kyra Tyler Alex Hannah
Rocket Fay Harrison Levi Hassan Holly
Acorn Amy Renee Khalid Kamron Henry
Puzzle Tommy Norah Lydia Skye Sophie
Bear Charlie Lily-Rose Fatima Alexa Jessica
Octopus Freddie Fenix-May Kieran Tyreece
Star Dillon Imogen Rebecca Freddie Nikitha


6 March 2020

Star:  Kacey, Andrew
Bear:  Roman, Brooke
Puzzle: Oliver, Lydia
Rocket:  Poppy, Archie
Acorn: Malachai, Swetha
Rainbow: Mihaela, Ayrton
Otter: Timothy, Kira
Discovery:  Casey
Adventure: Brad, Harry

28 February 2020

Star:  Harrison, Koburn
Octopus: Evie, Jabou
Bear:  Sinem, Riley
Puzzle: Felicity, Tommy
Rocket:  Levi, Gianna
Acorn: Lena, Asim
Rainbow: Oscar, Alex
Otter: Hebe, Carl
Discovery: Robbie, Ava
Adventure: Charlotte, Tilly

14 February 2020

Star:  All children
Octopus: Vishan, Laura
Bear: Brooke, Evan
Puzzle: Dev, Sam
Rocket: Matthew, Rylie
Acorn: Roman, Leon
Rainbow: Noor,Patrick
Otter: Briny
Discovery: Lewis, Lola
Adventure: Cooper, Amelie

7 February 2020

Star: Lacey, Erik
Bear: Natalie, Annamaria
Puzzle: Skye, Jay
Rocket: Sofia, Saba
Acorn: Khalid, Rafay
Rainbow: Cooper, Kyra
Otter: Scarlett
Discovery: Ellie, Amily
Adventure: Kye

31 January 2020

Star: Dillon, Oliver
Octopus: Casare, Adam, Jasmine, Chris
Bear: Lily-Rose, Annabelle
Puzzle: Archie, Isabella
Rocket: Dollie,Phoebe
Acorn: Amy, Keziah
Rainbow: Haider, Ayrton
Otter: Lilly, Olivia C
Discovery: Thu, Mille
Adventure: Alex, Riya

24 January 2020

Star: Hasnain, Naomi
Octopus: Halima, Courtney
Bear: Keria, David
Rocket: Hassan
Acorn: Harry W, Shadeah
Rainbow: Bailey, Hannah
Otter: Kishan
Discovery: River, Evie

17 January 2020

Star: Rosie May, Nikitha
Octopus: Carson, Reggie
Bear: Shana, Emily
Puzzle: Skye
Rocket: Amy
Acorn: Tida, Rafay
Rainbow: William, Ann
Otter: Olivia T, Briony
Discovery: Sudeep, Jenson
Adventure: Erin, Harry

10 January 2020

Star: Rosie May, Sam
Octopus: Joseph, Keya
Bear: Marco, Roman
Puzzle: Grace, Skye
Rocket: Jaiden, Scarlett
Acorn: Naimish, Kelo
Rainbow: Cooper, Tyler
Otter: Jacob. Moriah
Discovery: Carl, Sachin
Adventure: Hollie J, Evie May

25 October 2019

Bear: Annamaria , Jack
Puzzle: Amelia, Maya
Acorn: Asim Peplar, Suleman Sharf
Rainbow: Mihaela, Isla

11 October 2019

Bear: Annamaria , Jack
Puzzle: Risike, Ruby
Rocket: Rylie, Olivia
Acorn: Renee. Shadeah
Rainbow: Oscar, Hannah
Discovery: Kimran, Sanandini

4  October 2019

Bear: Annamaria , Jack
Puzzle: Amy, Evie
Acorn: Renee. Shadeah
Rainbow: Kyra, Umut
Discovery: Emily

27 September 2019

Octopus: Courtney, Adam
Bear: Henry, Paveen
Puzzle: Amelia, Simran
Rocket: Thomas, Gianna
Acorn: Keziah, Prisha
Rainbow: Josie, Alex
Otter: Timothy, Zachary
Discovery: Angelo, Siya

20 September 2019

Octopus: Adam, Brooke
Bear: Erin, Jess
Puzzle: Bobby, Oscar
Rocket: Grace, Prince
Acorn:Amy F, Swetha
Rainbow: Lottie, Jack
Otter: Maria, Aimee
Discovery: Elsie, Jeffrey