Whole Class Reading

We approach the teaching of reading through Whole Class Reading. Through these sessions learners experience a range of text extracts to develop their breadth of reading.

This consists of 3 sessions explained below:

Session 1 – Text Familiarisation and Vocabulary Exploration

Reading a text extract together as class to develop ‘book talk’ and reading behaviours. This session prompts discussion around reading through exploring authors, genres and features of texts. This is also an opportunity to explore new vocabulary within the text and secure understanding of the text.

Session 2 – Developing Fluency

Reading aloud is a fundamental skill which develops fluency and understanding for reading. This session involves reading aloud together as a class focusing on expression, volume and pace. Within this session learners reread texts through echo and choral reading.

Session 3 – Developing Comprehension Skills

Developing the ‘skills for reading’: retrieval, predict, compare, question, summarise and analyse.

These sessions are based on our whole school skills progression. In these sessions we teach, practise and apply comprehension skills which help deepen our learners’ understanding of the text.

To support our teaching of reading we have the following definitions:

Accessing the text

  • Decode – Using our knowledge of letters and sounds to pronounce written words
  • Vocabulary – The words we need to know to understand what we read
  • Visualise – Creating mental images to represent the ideas you have read
  • Empathise – Sensing others emotions and thoughts

Reading Aloud

  • Pace – The speed that we read
  • Volume – The degree of loudness used in reading
  • Expression – To match the feeling of the text

Comprehension Skills

  • Retrieval – To locate information
  • Predict – To anticipate what will happen next
  • Compare – Identifying the similarities and differences between two elements
  • Question – Seeking information to build understanding
  • Summarise – Identifying the main ideas
  • Analyse – To break down into parts and examine


  • Infer – Using clues from the text and your own knowledge to make a conclusion

For further support and information about supporting your child’s reading journey please go to their Google Classroom page.