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At Leavesden Green our vision for maths is that every child develops the confidence to be fluent and flexible with numbers. One of our focuses is to enable children to have mathematical facts at their fingertips and then to use and apply this to a wide range of contexts.

Children should have the vocabulary to allow them to explain and reason their mathematical thinking.  We aim to provide children with real life contexts to enable them to enjoy and apply their knowledge and skills.

At the end of their Leavesden journey, our children will be logical, systematic and critical mathematicians.

At Leavesden, we have organised our curriculum to ensure that our Curriculum has clear steps of progress starting in our Early Years to prepare our children for Year 7 and beyond. We use Herts for Learning Maths ESSENTIALs to support our children.

Written Calculation Policy

Mathematics-Written-Calculation-Policy.pdf (77 downloads)