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Year 5 – Octopus

Welcome to Octopus – Autumn Term

We love exploring new concepts by researching and forming opinions on them. We often have class discussions and have learnt that it is healthy to disagree with each other.
Some of the issues we have discussed so far this year are: burials on consecrated and unconsecrated land, equality and Brexit.
In literacy and maths we support each other’s learning by working as a team!
Additionally we enjoy spending time reading and discussing our thoughts. This term so far, we have been reading The Graveyard book by Neil Gaiman. It is sometimes tricky as there’s lots of different language used. We have had fun discussing the vocabulary and learning the meanings.
One thing we shine at is the home learning projects that we do! So far we have made board games, power points, 3D models and more! Octopus class love working creatively to organise our learning!