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Year 3B – Rocket

Welcome to Rocket – Autumn Term
In Rocket class this term we are learning all about the peoples who have invaded Britain, focusing this half term on the Romans and Anglo-Saxons and how they changed Britain. This links to Science as we have looked at rocks and soil, which includes how we use the land of Britain – including farming. We are really working on our spelling and applying our phonetic knowledge to be more accurate in our writing as we write with greater detail, whilst maintaining our neatness and presentation.
In Maths we are working on becoming more confident and fluent with our number knowledge and focusing on embedding our conceptual knowledge of the Maths we have learnt throughout Key Stage 1 and creating firm foundations for our learning throughout the whole of Key Stage 2.
We have PE every Monday afternoon this half term with a sports coach which is really exciting and the children are already seeing the benefit of the sessions as they focus on developing their all round skills.
Every day we: read, practise handwriting, have phonics practice and develop our Maths fluency, including the timestables.