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Year 3B – Bear

After Christmas, we had a busy half term looking at ‘Men of the Docks’ painting by George Bellows. With this painting we started to look at The Titanic and the history of what happened and why. We also looked at who was affected by the sinking of the Titanic and the different classes aboard the ship. We built our own ship to test in water made of recyclable materials. We investigated if they would float or sink.
We are currently learning about different countries and religions around the world. We have studied the Ancient Maya civilisation in Central America. Sikhism and Hinduism in India and Buddhism in Japan. We were very lucky to have Paveen as a peer expert to tell us all about the Sikhism faith bringing in onion bhajis and lamb samosas for us to try. As well as talk us through the 5K’s and the importance of them in the faith. We were also lucky to have peer expert Dylan talk us through the Hinduism faith and show us some interesting religious artifacts from home, as well as teach us about some of the Hindu Gods.  In Literacy we have been producing some fantastic writing by retelling our very own traditional tale based on Hansel and Gretel.