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Year 3A – Acorn

Welcome to Acorn – Spring Term

At the start of the new year we will begin with a painting from the National Gallery, The Battle of San Romano. We will delve into the painting and examine the history of the battle. Using our key skills we will explore how history is recorded and add to our growing timeline. We will be finding comparisons of what was happening in the 15th century across the world. This will lead us to African art and history, where we will discover what happened in Africa in the 15th century. To build on our understanding of Africa we will be learning about African culture and religious ceremonies. We will then respond through our art where will look at colour, patterns and drawing skills.

For geography we will build on our location knowledge by learning about continents, oceans and European countries. This will help us gain perspective of the world, also to explore cultural comparisons.                                  This will lead us to our next theme of around the world in 80 days where we will have a specific focus on China.  We will use Chinese fairy tales for our source of writing where will look at traditional Chinese tales such as the Chinese new year tale, ‘The rat and the zodiac’. By building on our writing skills we will work on writing our own fairy tale towards the end of term.

In Maths we are working on becoming more confident and fluent with our number knowledge and focusing on embedding our conceptual knowledge of the Maths we have learnt throughout Key Stage 1 and creating firm foundations for our learning throughout the whole of Key Stage 2.  We have a particular focus on shapes and lines, exploring properties of shapes, looking at angles, and working out the perimeter of shapes.

P.E. will continue with invasion games, teaching skills such as; collaboration and resilience. We will also be exploring different ways of passing and catching and creating our own invasion games.

Outdoor learning will continue on Wednesdays which is a great opportunity to build on school community and work alongside other children from other areas of the school.

Every week: we read, practise handwriting, have phonics practice and develop our Maths fluency, including the times tables.