Return to Children

Year 1A – Adventure

Welcome to Adventure Class – Spring Term

We believe learning should an adventure and this term we have been learning about how to be ‘ready to learn’ and the characteristics of good learners. We have decided learners need to brave and responsible. We have explored different feelings and the choices we can make that will help us to learn.

Toys, Traction and Twas the Night Before Christmas


This term we have been learning about toys. We have explored modern day toys, considering their features and materials and compared these with toys from the past. We read ‘Lost in the toy Museum by David Lucas a story about toys which go missing in the museum. We wrote description of toys for missing posters. We also read Traction Man by Mini Grey. We created our own Traction Man adventures considering the different aspects of story writing e.g. characters, setting, plot. We also talked in class about the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. We discussed how toys are a ‘want’ for enjoyment and how different toys are/were in other countries and in the past.

Twas the Night before Christmas

We performed the poem ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’ by Clement Clarke Moore. The children were amazing working hard to learn sections of the poem by heart and singing a selection of Christmas favourites. Their aim was to make the audience proud and I feel that was achieved and more!

Spring Term Highlight so far…

The children returned for the new term ready to learn. We have already made the most of our new learning environment, starting the new year full of enthusiasm… and not just for the lockers! 

Knights and Castles

As a school we have been taking part in the National Galleries ‘Take One Picture’ focusing our learning on the Paolo Uccello painting Battle of San Ramano. We explored this painting together as a class thinking about the painters use of colour to show his feelings about different parts of the picture. In Year 1 we have been learning about the job of knight. We have discussed the characteristics of a knight as a person who is brave and responsible and seeks to help others. We have read our own story ‘Billy the Brave Knight’ and used this to help us write our own adventure stories. We have also explored the features of a castle, learning the different parts and their functions. We enjoyed working as a team using our own knowledge to make castles. 

It has been a pleasure to share in the children’s home learning around this theme, from horses to hats, they have shown great enthusiasm in talking about their learning at home.