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Reception A – Lego

Welcome to Lego Class – Spring 2020

Lego Class is a place for fun and learning.  We believe that they go hand and hand.  Happy children result in children feeling secure and confident to try new things in their learning. We foster an environment of always being kind and encouraging each other in our learning.

Highlights So Far:

We have done an incredible amount of learning in Lego Class.  Every day is an opportunity to learn new things.  We have learned all of our Phase 2 and 3 Phonic sounds.  We have learned to put the individual sounds together to make words that we are able to read.  We have also been learning to use our phonic sounds to write words, labels and simple sentences for the pictures we draw.  In Maths we have learned the numbers 1-10 and the value that they hold.  We are now learning about number bonds to five through various practical activities.


Our theme has been Take One Picture and we have used this a platform for our learning.  We have read the books How to Catch A dragon and There is A Dragon In My Book. This has been the base for us to explore the worlds of dragons and knights.  The children used their imaginations to draw Dragons and the label them.  We have learned all about knights and their armour.  The class got a special delivery that contained a baby dragon in an egg. The class was asked to look after it, give it a name and keep it safe.  This has created many writing opportunities for the children to explore.