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During Covid – 19 there will be no curriculum maps published.  Please use the knowledge organisers to support your child –

Below is a list of learning activities and websites for you use if you need additional work to the daily email.

  • Do an activity in your garden (see for ideas)
  • Listen to someone in your family read to you
  • Go on a walk or a bike ride to get some exercise (this is still part of the government guidance but please keep checking the government website or the news for any updates on changes during the holiday)
  • Follow a recipe or make a sandwich
  • Thirty minutes of age-appropriate chores
  • Some form of exercise (i.e. a Joe Wicks PE lesson or a yoga lesson on YouTube)
  • Play a board game or a card game or do a jigsaw
  • Write a letter, card or email to a friend or family member (you may wish to photograph and email the card so as to alleviate pressure on the postal service)

If you would like an alternative experience at home, you may find it interesting to visit any of the following sites:

Trip to the theatre – make sure you dress up!

Science explained – curious footage including how to cook in space!

Pop to the Zoo – don’t forget to take a picnic!


You may have already been in touch with the School Nursing Service regarding your New Parent Talks and asking if we are available to attend or send information to share with your parents. As you will be aware, the NHS across England has had to change the way that healthcare is delivered so that services can concentrate on treating and caring for patients who are in most need during the Covid – 19 incident. As a result of this situation we are unable to attend talks, but we are now delighted to be able to send you the link below to a YouTube clip that can be shown to your reception parents explaining our role and how we can be contacted. .

The Link will also be available on the School Nursing pages of both the HCT and the Family Centre Service Websites.

Please find the link to the animation here :-