Welcome to Nursery Our teacher is Mrs Hall and our Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Banks, Mrs Escott and Mrs Hayward.

Reception A

During the first half of summer term we will be doing the theme “Night at the Museum”. In Early Years we are exploring and investigating through science. The children will be exploring change through literacy reading books like; Jack and the Beanstalk when we learn about growing plants and life cycles The Hungry Caterpillar for …

Reception B

During the second half of this term we will be doing the theme ‘Around The World in Eighty Days.’  To introduce the theme we read the story of The Gingerbread Man and then the children baked Gingerbread men.  One of the Gingerbread Men escaped from the oven while they were baking. We will use this …

Year 1A – Otter

In Otter Class, we are focusing our learning on the book- The Bear and The Piano by David Litchfield. All of our learning is centered around bears,where they live, what they look like and what they eat. In our Maths learning we are focusing on showing and proving equal amounts.      

Year 1B – Rainbow

This half term we have been looking at Paddington Bear and his adventures. We have explored the jungles of Peru, London and its landmarks and the Great Fire of London. We’ve written short stories, travel guides and diary entries. We’ve had a go at making Peruvian pan flutes and started learning how to read music. …

Year 2A – Acorn

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Year 2B – Rocket

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Year 3A – Puzzle

Puzzle Class have been learning about Queen Victoria this term and have learnt about her interesting nickname of the Grandmother of Europe. We are moving on to learning about daily life during the Victorian Era.    

Year 3B – Bear

After Christmas, we had a busy half term looking at ‘Men of the Docks’ painting by George Bellows. With this painting we started to look at The Titanic and the history of what happened and why. We also looked at who was affected by the sinking of the Titanic and the different classes aboard the …

Year 4 – Octopus

This term our learning has been centered around George Bellow’s piece Men of The Docks and the mysterious mayans. In maths we have been experimenting with decimal numbers and place value. We have also been learning about the human body including teeth.    

Year 5 – Star

In Star class this term we are focusing on types of settlement and economic activity including trade links. We are investigating great explorers from history and the changes that have evolved in various settlements and countries over time. We are also looking at art: how this depicts events and places and why an artist may view …

Year 6 – Diamond